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Elevate your stoke

We help novice, beginner, and intermediate mountain bikers build skills for next-level fun on the trail.

mountain biking coach and rider doing a drill

Do it for fun, do it for you

Stöke MTB empowers you to discover the joy of mountain biking in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment. Learn fundamental skills and level up your riding under the guidance of certified and insured instructors. Shred new trails and conquer features with encouragement from a supportive community. Whether you’ve been mountain biking for years or are just getting started, we can’t wait to share the stoke with you.

Based in Minneapolis, we offer clinics, skill-specific sessions, and private lessons primarily in the Twin Cities metro, but we are willing to travel!

What we offer

mountain biking coaching

Clinics: Stöke School

Want to level up your riding? Enroll in Stöke School! Typically held on a weekend, our clinics give you mountain biking skills instruction in an immersive experience and the chance to connect with other riders.

Mountain biker riding over rock

Skills-Specific: Stöke Sessions

If you’d like to focus on a particular skill or trail feature, come to a Stöke Session. Each two-hour session focuses on a different set of skills or type of trail feature and is limited to a small group of riders.

Private Lessons: Stöke Solos

Getting some one-on-one skills instruction from a mountain biking coach can be highly beneficial, regardless of your skill level. Add a riding buddy or two to make it a Stöke Semi (Private).