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Mountain biker riding a berm

The stoke is real

The feeling of conquering a gnarly rock garden. Slaying a sweet berm. Holding steady on a sketchy skinny. Flying down the trail on your partner’s wheel. Cheering your riding buddy as they attempt a nemesis feature. That’s the stoke of mountain biking. And we’re here to help you experience it to its fullest.

Stöke MTB was founded in 2021 by Lisa Martens and Leigh Kramarczuk, a.k.a. the Stöke Sisters. As a Minneapolis-based, women-owned mountain biking skills instruction provider, we offer coaching to all novice, beginner, and intermediate riders, not only to those who identify as women. Our coaches are certified through the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP) and passionate about empowering others via a safe, supportive learning environment. Most of our events take place within the Twin Cities metro, but we are available to travel and can also provide custom clinics.

Certified + insured + permitted

Safety is our number one priority when providing any type of mountain biking skills instruction. As certified instructors, we are committed to teaching skills in a safe, controlled, and consistent manner. In addition, we are fully insured and adhere to all park and trail system permitting requirements.

mountain biker riding on a trail

Our values

  • Inclusive
  • Empowering
  • Community-centered
  • Playful
  • Methodical

Come ride with us

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, we can’t wait to share the stoke with you.